Carburetted Engines

MERCRUISER TURN-KEY STARTING (TKS) STERNDRIVE ENGINES feature the patented, MerCruiser-exclusive TKS System, which offers fuel-injection convenience in a carburetted engine.  No more choking, priming or pumping - just turn the key and go.   At the helm, TKS engines also provide impressive power and torque as well as smooth, responsive control thanks to standard antifeedback power steering (optional on 3.0 model).  And when you add its long list of low-maintenance features, it's easy to see that TKS gives you exactly when you need - season after season.


  • 3.0L TKS
  • 3.0L TKS 135HP 4400-4800 RPM In-Line 4
  • 4.3L TKS
  • 4.3L TKS 4400-4800 RPM V6

Carburetted Engine